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VIA Metropolitan Transit, San Antonio, Texas   2018-2019

Arrangement of 3 laser-cut metal panels within the bus shelter windscreen. Zarzamora Street.

"The Tree of Life / El Arbol de la Vida"

Family is a very important institution. The tree is a symbol of life, family and connection to the elders:

-family through its complex system of branches 

- the generations as a tree emerges from a seed, develops and expends creating a new fruit that gives life to the next generation

Trees, like family, should be respected as both are the essence of life. The motifs around the tree are both fruits and fireworks as a sign of happiness and celebration. I would like the passengers waiting in the shelter to feel it is a serene place and be able to contemplate the neighborhood while knowing we are all interconnected.



16 stainless steel panels placed within each station platform windscreen frame openings. Fabricator: Kammetal.

       "Paroles Vagabondes/Wisdom Along the Way"


The work acknowledges and mirrors the rich cultural heritage of the surrounding communities. The neighborhood is home to many Caribbean (Jamaica, Guyana, Haiti, Barbados, Puerto Rico) and African American communities.

People have transplanted themselves and their cultures to Brooklyn in many ways.

To represent the unique cultural fingerprints, I choose to use proverbs in the artwork to represent the culture along with illustrations and background pattern. The sayings bring a sense of personal pride and commonality amongst the fellow voyagers from different parts of the world The artwork panels also are interactive like reading a storybook.

Both station are on the 3 train line in Brooklyn.


Orlando, Florida   2012       Commissioned by Distinctive Art Source

  "Let's Play"  

Acrylic on canvas, 36x48"           Installed outside the entrance to the playroom


International Terminal D, Gate D21-22, Inside Security, Dallas, Texas     2005


20 foot diameter floor medallion - Glass mosaic floor inlays - Fabricator: Franz Mayer of Munich

This is a celebration of the human spirit and an invitation to spread harmony all over the world. The dove, universal symbol for peace, is in the center (as in a traditional patchwork pattern) and is found again at the four cardinal points in a variation of styles: African, South American, European and Asian.
Cultures are also represented by diverse patterns from top to bottom: Celtic, African (Kuba, Congo), Japanese (Seigaiha), Native Indian (Hohokam) and Greek.
The world to me is like a patchwork: it needs different shapes, colors, sizes and interaction among the people to exist. If one piece is missing, the unity is broken.