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Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas. 

Squares: 6"x6"x1.5"   Rectangular: 12"x4"x1.5"

$129 (domestic shipping included)

Artisans from Congo

Mixed media on canvas (Acrylic, trading cards, beads, African fabric)

11"x14"       $189    (domestic shipping included)

The 4 Elements

Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

24"x24"x2"      $995  (domestic shipping included)

Medicine Masks

Mixed media on canvas  (Acrylic, African fabric, beads, clay...)

10"x8"       $115 (domestic shipping included)


Mixed media in wooden frame (Hang it on the wall or display on a tabletop)

8"x8"        $59  (domestic shipping included)


Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

20"x16"            $499 (domestic shipping included)

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