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Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas. 

Squares: 6"x6"x1.5"   Rectangular: 12"x4"x1.5"

$129 (domestic shipping included)

Water 1   6"x6"

Water 2   6"x6"

Water 3   6"x6"

Water 4   6"x6"

Water 5   6"x6"


Water 6   6"x6"

Water 7   6"x6"

Water 8   6"x6"

Water 9   6"x6"


Water 10   6"x6"

Water 11   12"X4"

Water 12   12"X4"

Water 13   12"X4"

Earth 1   6"x6"

Earth 2   6"x6"


Earth 3   6"x6"

Earth 4   6"x6"

Earth 5   6"x6"

Earth 6   6"x6"

Earth 7   6"x6"

Earth 8   6"x6"

Earth 9   6"x6"

Earth 10   6"x6"

Earth 11  12"x4"

Earth 12   12"X4"

Earth 13   12"X4"                              Sold


Fire 1   6"x6"

Fire 2   6"x6"

Fire 3   6"x6"


Fire 4   6"x6"

Fire 5   6"x6"

Fire 6    6"x6"


Fire 7   6"x6"


Fire 8   6"x6"

Fire 9   6"x6"

Fire 10   "x6"

Fire 11  12"x4"

Fire 12   12"x4"

Fire 13   12"X4"

Air 1 6"x6"

Air 2   6"x6"

Air 3   6"x6"

Air 4   6"x6"

Air 5   6"x6"

Air 6   6"x6"


Air 7   6"x6"

Air 8   6"x6"

Air 9   6"x6"

Air 10   6"x6"

Air 11  12"X4"

Air 12   12"X4"

Air 13   12"X4"

Artisans from Congo

Mixed media on canvas (Acrylic, trading cards, beads, African fabric)

11"x14"       $189    (domestic shipping included)

Pottery in Congo

Decoration in Congo

Blacksmiths in Congo

Wood Sculpture in Congo

Weavers in Congo

Basket Making in Congo

The 4 Elements

Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

24"x24"x2"      $995  (domestic shipping included)


The woman's bust is made out of wire


The woman's bust is made out of leather


The woman's bust is made out of tree bark

Earth, Air and Fire in situ

Medicine Masks

Mixed media on canvas  (Acrylic, African fabric, beads, clay...)

10"x8"       $115 (domestic shipping included)

Mask #1

Mask #2

Mask #3


Mask #5


Mixed media in wooden frame (Hang it on the wall or display on a tabletop)

8"x8"        $59  (domestic shipping included)

Maskito #1

Maskito #2

Maskito #3

Maskito #4


Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

20"x16"            $499 (domestic shipping included)

Heaven (To Miles)


Drum calling



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Fire 10   "x6"